9:00 : Registration


9:30 - Introduction by Dominique Vosters, President of CSA


09:45-10:15: Keynote by Michèle Ledger - Cullen International

Cross-cutting perspective on (existing or discussed) national and European regulatory instruments linked to AVMS distribution.


10:15-11:30: Panel 1:  AVMS distribution in Belgium (French-speaking Community)

Topics: What is AVMS distribution? The concept of distributor in the value chain. Regulatory framework: what are the appropriate obligations? Access to networks and platforms. New consumption methods.

  • Introduction by the CSA : Julien Jost
  • Moderator : Alexandre de Streel - Université de Namur/CRIDS/CERRE
  • Panel :

Jean Marc Harion – Mobistar

Maxime Lacour – UniversCine Belgium SA

Jean-Paul Philippot – RTBF

Steven Tas – Proximus

Daniel Weekers – Nethys/Be TV


11:30-11:45 : Coffee break


11:45-13:00: Panel 2: “It’s not me, it’s my algorithm!” or what are the roles and responsibilities of internet platforms? Local and global dimensions

Topics: What dialogue exists today between the AVMS-distributing internet platforms and the CSA? An overview of the regulator’s current practices. Position of internet platforms in the value chain in the FWB, type of intervention of these stakeholders in the production of services. What is the role of internet platforms in the AVMS distribution when their algorithms/search engines uses the users’ preferences. Are these platforms competing with others modes of distribution?

  • Introduction by the CSA : Geneviève de Bueger 
  • Moderator: Pierre-François Docquir – Article 19
  • Panel: 

Thierry Geerts – Google/Youtube

Xavier Grégoire – Ericsson

Massimo Papa - RMB


13:00-14:00 : Walking lunch


14:00-14:15 : Key note speech by Madeleine de Cock-Buning, ERGA Chair & Présidente cvdM 


14:15-15:45 : Panel 3 : Material jurisdiction

Topics: Outlines of editorial responsibility and encountered challenges. What modifications, taking into account above identified evolutions? What about TV like? Emergence of the concept of AVMS-distribution platform. Inspiration from German, Belgian and French legislation.

  • Introduction by the CSA : Bernardo Herman
  • Moderator : Laura Sboarina - Cullen International
  • Panel:

Anna Bigot –  Bouygues Group

Lorena Boix Alonso – Commission européenne

Thomas Langheinrich - DLM


15:45-16:00 : Coffee break


16:00-17:30: Panel 4 : Territorial jurisdiction

Topics: Advantages and drawbacks of the country of origin principle. What are the effects on the domestic market? On competition? On the local culture and its funding? Towards a harmonization of the stricter rules? What areas for cooperation between regulators? Evaluation of the proposed solutions offered by ERGA. Myths and realities.

  • Introduction by the CSA : Paul-Eric Mosseray
  • Moderator : Michel Gyory – Université de Liège
  • Panel:

Michael Wagner – UER/EBU

Nathalie Sonnac – CSA Fr

Frédéric Young - SACD 


17:30 – 17:45 : Summary (wrap-up) by Cullen International


17:45 – 17:55 : Closing speech by Dominique Vosters, President of CSA


18:00 – Closing cocktail

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